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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Free and Affordable Ways to Stimulate Cognitive Ability at Home

Cognitive ability is the capability of a person to understand and function. It is made up of several set of abilities that makes a person unique or stand-out from others. Higher cognitive abilities can allow a person to do a complex task.

We can do several free and affordable activities that can help enhance out cognitive skills – both in children and in adults. Doing so improves a person’s perception, attention, memory, and motor skills.

Here are some activities, games, and brain teasers that can help improve your cognitive abilities.

Playing with Jigsaw puzzles can take a lot of our time, depending on how easy or complicated the puzzle is. However, doing so regularly improves our patience as well as out visual and spatial processing.

Puzzles are also perfect for kids. It can improve their motor skills, recognition abilities and prolong their attention spans.

Rubix Cube

Soling a Rubix cube helps in enhancing your problem-solving and spatial skills. Although there are many tutorials online on how to solve Rubix cubes, the process still involves a lot of thinking and will still give you reasonable challenge during execution.

Kids can also enjoy playing with the Rubix Cube but may find it hard to solve it. However, color recognition is improved, motor skills are enhanced. Focus and attention are also tested as well as a child’s dedication to the task.


Sudoku is a readily available exercise for the brain. Keeping the brain active can also reduce the possibilities of acquiring degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. It enhances the brain power by encouraging the player to think strategically and at the same time answer the Sudoku puzzle creatively.

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles can improve one’s language and vocabulary. Most college and scholarship admission tests requires a comprehensive language test. You’ll be surprised how helpful crossword puzzles can be when it comes to improving and testing your vocabulary skills.

Board Games

There are a lot of board games that can provide a happy bonding experience at home while improving the cognitive abilities of the human brain. Chess can challenge the brain muscles to strategize, plan and execute discreetly all at the same time.

Improving the brain’s mental function and cognitive abilities are not the only benefits that the activities can offer. Adapting these activities can also delay the decline of the brain’s performance and keep a sharp mind as we age. It can also bring in a lot of hours of fun, creativity and bonding among your families, right at the comfort of your homes

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