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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Where I Get Musical Inspiration While Working at Home

Regular readers of my website are already aware that I work online. Yes, I do believe that someone out there regularly visits my page. It has been almost a decade since I started working online and more than 2 years since I gave up my office job to be a full-time mom and freelancer at the same time.

The schedule gets crazy at times and yes, stress is still evidently there, but I am not actually complaining. I love my job and I believe I am doing great it in.
During days that I feel bored or I wanted to do something else that will just push my creative juices to kick back, I listen to music. Lately. It has been really crazy with work and with being a mom and wife and a homemaker so I so myself shifting from one music genre to another just to keep up the beat and push me to go through the day at work, and general in life. I would even constantly bug my musicians friend email just to keep the fire burning and exciting.

Here’s a few of the musical inspiration and motivation that I am currently listening to for the past week.

A word of warning, my taste is so diverse, but hopefully, you’ll get an idea on how I feel, what I feel and how I manage to pull through and get things done through the music that I get to listen to.

A lot of the younger generation fell in love with this boy band. Who doesn’t. They are your typical boys next door, who can sing and strut their way to the music industry. I just felt that their song “Perfect” is an escape, a rebellious one for someone like me who’s already an adult and needs to continue “adulting” for my kids and my family. So, yes this is my “escape” song.

Adele is a Goddess of music. Who doesn’t love her? So, whenever I have a deadline to beat, I see myself playing her playlist repetitively until I get things done. I do get to sing along from time to time but I just mostly listen because her songs are so fantastic. I guess this is my “get going” song.

This version of “When We Were Young” is my favorite. Simply because I want to sing that great as well. I am trying to memorize the lyrics of this one, so it’s a favorite in my playlist.

What inspires you and gets you going while you work online? Share your tips in my comments section. I would love to hear from you!

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