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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Teaching Kids How to Play a Musical instrument at a Young Age

There is really something fascinating about seeing young children play a musical instrument and hearing them do it well. As a kid, I have always wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument. Preferably the piano, guitar or the violin. I have average skills when it comes to the guitar and a little bit when it comes to the piano. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to learn how to use the violin.

I want to give my kids the chance to learn to play a musical instrument. I will not require them too. But I will expose them to as many musical instruments available to let them discover if they are interested in such. I got this idea after my eldest saw a Dean ML at The guitar had this Rockstar vibe and I guess the reason why it easily caught my son’s attention.

However, I am a practical mom and I would want to invest in a guitar like that only If my kid is interested enough. I do not want a beautiful guitar like that stored in a box or tucked away under the bed as soon as he loses interest in it. I want him to learn at least the basics if he really wants me to buy that guitar for him.

Going back to my topic. Here are some tips on how you can teach your children play a musical instrument even at a young age.

1. Expose them to music

Allow your kids to listen to different kind of music genre. Let them watch music videos and allow them to feel and play with the musical instruments you have at home or see in the mall. You will never know if they are interested in one unless you open the door of opportunity by exposing it to them.

2. Let them see real people playing musical instrument

Watching videos may not be enough. Seeing artists play their musical instrument in real life has a more impact rather than what we see on videos and television. It can be in a school play, a small concert or in a restaurant.

3. Enroll them in short classes

Your kids can explore more if you enroll them in short classes. You can make use of their summer vacation by enrolling them to piano class, violin, guitar or any other instrument.

Again, it all boils down to giving your kids the opportunity to discover something new and to explore something they might want to enjoy. Be supportive. Do not push them into things that they do not want to do. You’ll be surprised with how much they can achieve if you just give them a little nudge and see where their adventurous spirit takes them.

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