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Friday, March 30, 2018

Cryptocurrencies, Earning Money, Savings and Being Financially Wise

Cryptocurrencies, Earning Money, Savings and Being Financially Wise Living Life at Thirty

Cryptocurrencies, Earning Money, Savings and Being Financially Wise

It has been a very busy end of 2017 and start of 2018 for me. I had to juggle work, being a wife and a parent. This was the main reason why I had no time updating my blog. But on this rainy Good Friday, I had the time to reflect and share a few of the things that caught most of my attention during those last few months.

Cryptocurrencies and Trading

Cryptocurrency trading was a big hit especially during the last quarter of 2017. I had several regrets for failing to jump into trading cryptos earlier. Imagine if I had bought $500 worth of Bitcoin in February 2017. It could have been quadrupled ($2107) by December 2017 during the peak of Bitcoin’s worth. However, I still managed to earn a few dollars from Bitcoin trading as well as investing in Bitcoin trading companies.

Although the turn around for Bitcoin for the beginning of 2018 was quite disappointing, I am still earning 25%-40% from the investments that I have put into a Crypto Trading group. I still have a few dollars in some other trading platforms but with the value of Cryptocurrencies going down and plateauing nowadays, I guess I must look forward to a better market by the end of 2018.

Earning Money

Savings Cryptocurrencies, Earning Money, Savings and Being Financially Wise Living Life at 30

Earning money is always been a priority for me even if I stay at home and even if my husband has a steady source of income being an OFW. It is my personal satisfaction to contribute to the household when it comes to expenses.

With this website being less active than it used to be and being busy with other writing jobs for clients, I can say that the first quarter of 2018 was not that big when it comes to my earnings. But I am staying positive and still looking for ways to add more sources of income to build savings for our family’s future.


I have learned the importance of having savings after being in situations wherein you cannot depend on anyone else but yourself. Living with the motivation to save not only for emergency purposes and for retirement can make you feel more confident and less anxious about what the future may bring. I am in the third year of paying for my VUL insurance and I already got my 2 boys their own VUL insurances as well. Saving at least $50 a month and putting it in insurances and VUL funds can go unnoticed and reap surprising rewards in the future.

I am also starting to build our retirement fund and emergency fund. I am still far from my target and savings can still be challenging. I try not to pressure myself with all those saving challenges everyone seems to be hooked about. I am working on creating our emergency and retirement fund slowly and at a comfortable pace. I think you should too, to lessen the stress and worries you already face on a day to day basis.

Being Financially Wise

Financially Wise Cryptocurrencies, Earning Money, Savings and Being Financially Wise Living Life at 30

To top it all off, the last few months was all about learning, experiencing and trying to become a more financially wise and mature person. I still have my shopping episodes and those times that I end up maxing my credit limits. But, I try my best not to stray away from my financial goals.

After reading several blogs, listening to podcasts and watching hundreds of videos on personal finance, I can say that I have tremendously learned a lot when it comes to handling money and becoming more responsible with personal finance. Hopefully, you guys have learned as much or even more than I did when it comes to becoming financially wise.

Share your experience or simply drop a note to say hi in the comments section. I would really love to hear from you.

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