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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Aktibo’t Malakas This Summer Together with Nutri10Plus and DayZinc

Aktibo't Malakas with Nutri10Plus and DayZinc

The rain is starting to pour but it’s not late to share how awesome our summer turned out to be. As a parent, we would like to give the best experiences we could offer to our kids. Finding time to be with them, spending time with them and seeing them learning new things has always been one of my idealisms as a mom. For this summer, I decided to enroll them both in Taekwondo Classes.

Taekwondo Summer Classes with Rising Tigers Alfonso

My eldest, Rafa, 5 was happy about the idea. With so many hours spent watching Ninjago and TMNT, he believed that his dreams of becoming a ‘Golden Ninja” were bound to materialize and come true. My youngest, Yael, who just turned 4 last May 12 was not as happy as he was. His initial reaction was it would be tiring, and he would rather stay at home to play with his gadgets and toys. But of course, I am the Mom so I had my way with him. I could not also imagine spending 2 or more hours in the training area with Rafa, knowing that my youngest would be left behind.

Taekwondo, who would have thought, demanded more time and attention that I predicted. I had to be always there while they train just to make sure that none of them would throw a fit or they would not end up fighting or not listening and not participating in the training. And boy was the training so physically draining. If I attended the Taekwondo training with them, I might have lost at least 10 pounds or 4-7 inches from my waistline due to the demands of the sport. I am not over exaggerating here but imagine a 4 and 5-year-old jogging for 5 minutes straight, kicking for 20 minutes, doing stretches for 15 minutes, resting for a 3-minute water break and then doing all those activities all over again up until the 2 hours of training is done. Keeping up physically was a demand required by the sport.

Staying Healthy and Strong with Vitamins and Mom's TLC

I had to ensure that they were sleeping early and sleeping enough to be able to recuperate from their tiring training. I also made sure that they are taking the right vitamins to ensure that they have enough, or even more energy to sustain their daily needs. It’s great to have Nutri10Plus and DayZinc as my go-to vitamins for the kids. My kids have been using these vitamins for almost 2 years and both never failed meeting and beating my expectations.

Nutri10Plus contains CGF, Taurine, Lysine, and Zinc +, Vitamin C, Vitamins A, D, E and Vitamin B-complex that helps my kids stay alert, active and healthy even with the demands of the summer activity that I had introduced them too. DayZinc provides the amount of Vitamin Z and Zinc that they need to keep them away from deficiencies and to enhance their natural boosters against diseases. Both vitamins are produced under Wert Philippines.

Keeping my kids active and providing them with the nutrients and vitamins their growing bodies need to keep them Aktibo and Malakas paid off big time. For the whole summer, despite the tremendous heat and the unpredictable weather, they never caught a Cold or had to endure nights of coughing and episodes with our portable nebulizer. None of them had a sick day the whole summer. Such feat may seem to be a simple achievement for some, but it’s a big deal for Moms like me.

Investing in Vitamins for Kids

Imagine buying a 250mL bottle of Nutri10Plus for 310.00 compared to a bunch of antibiotics and cough medicines for kids. You can add up the consultation fees with their Pediatrician together with that cost. Not to mention the restless nights and stress brought by worrying about your children. There is no price tag for a Mom’s love. But there’s an affordable price for Mom’s sidekicks in keeping her kids healthy, strong and happy!

Nutri10Plus and DayZinc Retail Prices
Nutri 10 Drops 30ml -  Php.125.00
Nutri 10 Plus 120ml Syrup –  Php.180.00
Nutri 10 Plus 250ml Syrup – Php.310.00
Dayzinc Drops 30ml – Php.110.00
Dayzinc Syrup 120ml – Php.125.00
Dayzinc Syrup 250ml – Php.240.00

An Awesome Summer 2018 Conclusion

It was indeed an Aktibo't Malakas na summer for us. After 2 months of tiring but fun training, my kids have officially earned the degree of 8th Yellowbelt under the Phillippine Taekwondo Association. They may not be able to kick a scrap of wood into two, but they have gained friends, learned to socialize, became more disciplined, appreciated other kids like them and had a blast enjoying the whole experience that they had. This was not possible without the instructors of the Rising Tigers Taekwondo Alfonso as well as Nutri10Plus and DayZinc.

Together with Nutri10Plus and DayZinc, awesome instructors of the Rising Tigers Alfonso and my genuine love for my children, our 2018 summer was concluded with a healthy mind and body, happy memories and bigger dreams not only for the next summer but in the years to come.

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